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Holly Bridges: Reframe your thinking around Autism

May 8 @ 9:00 am - May 9 @ 5:30 pm

- €199 - €230

Reframe your thinking around Autism

How The Polyvagal Theory and Brain Plasticity helps us make sense of Autism


The workshop will look in greater depth at the book – Reframe Your Thinking Around Autism -and explore the therapeutic opportunities that are available when you work outside the box.

Within a wide historical context Holly will discuss case studies and share the development, process and tools of her program after a fun but comprehensive look at how the vagus nerve can influence the mind and body; how it can shift us from a sympathetic to a parasympathetic state and what this means for those on the spectrum.

Holly Bridges

Holly is a therapist, keynote speaker and is the author of the internationally acclaimed book, ‘Reframe Your Thinking Around Autism’. Since writing the book Holly has developed her Autism Reframe Therapy program (A.R.T) which incorporates the principles of co-design and brain plasticity, and she works with families and practitioners, teaching techniques to restore connection between the brain and nervous system.

Holly has had a lifelong passion for working with the body/mind and she thrives on making complex psychology simple and available to people. This impulse to simplify and convey has taken her on a vast journey where she is now a leading light in autism therapy.

Through her critically acclaimed book, Holly has helped thousands of parents, autists, educators and therapists perceive a more positive and helpful way of perceiving autism, and she has affected hundreds of families from the severely challenged and non-verbal, to adults with Asperger’s, right through to the very young with her simple and effective A.R.T. techniques.


Learning Objectives

  • Reframing the paradigm of autism
  • The role of the history of autism and autism research in shaping our current therapeutic practice
  • The Polyvagal Theory, how the body impacts autism
  • Working model of the PVT – how to make the PVT accessible to clients + families
  • The physical aspects of anxiety and stress and how they impact our physical and mental health
  • Practical understanding of the complex interrelationship between the gut, brain, vestibular and limbic system and how this determines our sense of self.
  • Principles of brain plasticity and how to apply in a therapeutic setting
  • Principles of co-design and how to apply in a therapeutic setting
  • How expectation in general autism therapy leads to a ‘glass ceiling’ and failure for the client
  • Conceptualising a new paradigm of therapy for ASD, what it can look like
  • The principles of body cognition and interoception and how they apply to ASD
  • How to work with ASD and interoception somatically – the 80/20 rule
  • An overview of somatic tools to apply clinically
  • Knowledge of the possibilities inherent in a wider appreciation of autism

Day 1

  1. Rethinking autism – background and history
  2. The Polyvagal Theory – an overview of how the body impacts autism
  3. Anxiety, executive functioning and the interrelationship of the nervous system with all related systems (microbiome, brain structure and function, vestibular, HPA axis, immune system)
  4. Holding space – changing your mindset as an autism therapist: brain plasticity, unlearning, co-design; the power of expectation  Q + A

Day 2

  1. A new model of ASD – working with dignity no matter what your age
  2. Looking at somatic techniques, body cognition and co-design from a practical perspective
  3. Learn how effective somatic techniques can be for adults on the spectrum.
  4. Case studies of young children, teenagers and adults on the autism spectrum with the A.R.T. process
  5. Q + A


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Cork, T23 E244 Ireland
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